Cannabis brands we deliver to East Bay California

Pure Cannabis Extract

Founded 2014 in Oakland California, Brite Labs offers full spectrum, whole plant Cannabis concentrates. They use a proprietary extraction process that provides potent, smooth and strain specific products.

Artisan Cannabis

Dr. Sluggworth produces artisan cannabis products for cannabis patients new and old. Those looking for a clean, flavorful, and potent flower, concentrates, prerolls, and cartridges of the highest quality have just found their favorite cannabis company. The team at Dr. Sluggworth focuses on crafting small batch products that emphasize quality, consistency, and purity, all while providing smooth flavor and therapeutic experiences.


Dr. Sluggworth is the realization of a team of compassionate cannabis enthusiasts. They started as a medical marijuana delivery service in the Bay Area, delivery cannabis products to cannabis patients in the surrounding Fremont areas. As they worked more with patients, cultivators, and other entrepreneurs in the industry, they noticed the marketplace was diversifying, calling for a wider variety of cannabis products. As they the demand increased, they saw that companies were struggling to provide patients with quality products that were both ethically pure and priced. Either products were of a high quality and too expensive for, or products were mass produced and of a lesser quality and consistency.

This lack of quality would not do for the patients they had come to serve in their communities. As passionate cannabis connoisseurs and caring marijuana advocates, they sought to provide their patients with the quality products they wanted at a fair price. Dr. Sluggworth worked locally with the top producers and best cultivators to produce top shelf, boutique quality cannabis products for the cannabis communities in the Bay area and beyond.


Dr. Sluggworth has an underlying philosophy when it comes to their cannabis products: “We don’t have to make 5000 units, we’ll make 500 to make sure it’s the highest quality.” They continually evolve and refine their methods to achieve the right flavors, the maximum potency, and best-medicating experience possible. Utilizing a closed-loop BHO to make their shatter, sap, and other concentrate products, Dr. Sluggworth’ guarantees to always be improving and fine-tuning their processes, methods, and ideas.

Relaxed lifestyle

Kushie Brand helps promote the relaxing and joyful qualities of marijuana while
contributing to eliminate the social taboo associated with the cannabis community.
Offering premier cannabis products
and stylish apparel.